About RCOT London Region


RCOT London Region  includes both the London Regional Committee of the Royal College of Occupational Therapists and the London Region RCOT/Unison Shop Stewards’ Forum.

The London Regional Committee is a group of volunteer clinicians, educators and students.  It promotes occupational therapy in London by supporting local groups,  promoting occupational therapy careers, organising lifelong learning events and promoting networking events.

The London Region RCOT Shop Stewards’ Forum brings together RCOT shop stewards from across the region to discuss the issues arising in the workplaces and to arrange training for occupational therapy shop stewards as well as sending regional representatives to the National RCOT/Unison Panel to feedback local issues to national officers of RCOT and Unison.

Also active in London are the Royal College of Occupational Therapists Specialist Sections, organising training and networking in a wide range of specialist areas.

We hope this blog will keep you informed of all the aspects of RCOT’s work in the London Region. You will also find us on Twitter as @LondonRCOT (https://twitter.com/LondonRCOT) and on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/BAOTLondon/). There are lots of ways to volunteer in all three areas of our work in London. Our email address is RCOT.London@cot.co.uk – Please contact us for details!

One thought on “About RCOT London Region

  1. […] therapists were too busy discussing conferences to notice). As the drinks were sponsored by London Region BAOT, the occupational therapists ventured to taste them, and finding them very nice, they very soon […]

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