Covid-19 guidance and updates for occupational therapists


March 22, 2020 by permanentred

Here is a summary of some of the links and updates we have been collecting and distributing on our social media channels. If you are on Facebook or Twitter you can get more regular updates there and follow the discussions.

Rights at work:

Please see the Unison website, where there are regular updates keeping up with the rapidly-changing guidance.

Updated guidance re pregnancy and work precautions is here:


There is guidance on ongoing school provision here:


As of 22/03/20, Sainsburys are dedicating 08:00-09:00 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to serving high-risk customers and NHS and social care staff. Tesco are having a “browsing hour” on Sundays one hour before checkouts open (see local store opening hours). Check supermarket websites and social media feeds for updates.


Health Education England have developed a Covid-19 training programme.

RCOT updates:

Check the RCOT website for further updates. Please note that we have had to cancel many events, but keep an eye on event websites and listings in case they have been moved to online provision such as webinars.


Temporary HCPC registrations for retired occupational therapists and students

HCPC have introduced a temporary registration scheme aimed at relieving pressure on NHS services. See website for details.

Further updates:

The situation is changing rapidly so please check the above links regularly. If you have further suggestions for this resource, or additional links that occupational therapists can make use of, please email them to us at

We hope you all manage to stay safe and as well, happy and occupied as possible during these challenging times!


2 thoughts on “Covid-19 guidance and updates for occupational therapists

  1. Bharti says:

    In the current Covid 19 climate , what is the RCOT guidance on continuing to do OT risk assessments at patients home with older adults with NO PPE in place .

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