Vacancy for Council Member, Industrial Relations

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March 9, 2020 by permanentred

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Vacancy for Council Member, Industrial Relations 2020-2021

An interim member (serving for one year) is needed for this seat on the BAOT/RCOT Council. The candidate must be a BAOT Professional Member in good standing who is an accredited BAOT steward. As well as being a member of Council, this individual will also be required to sit on the BAOT/UNISON Occupational Therapy Panel.

The term of office starts in May and will end at the 2021 AGM. Council meets 4 times a year mainly in London and the Panel meets 3 times
in London. Interim members are considered as Trustees/Company Directors with all the implications this entails and have the same voting rights as other Council members.

Deadline for return of nominations: Friday 24 April 2020.

Council will hold an electronic ballot the following week to elect the new member.

NB: Any person considering this post should gain the support of their manager so that he/she is aware of the time away from work which the responsibility of holding a national office involves.

For more information and a nomination form, please contact Dominique Le Marchand on 020 3141 4617 or or go to the web page: college-occupational-therapists-council

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