Occupational Therapy Week report from LSBU

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December 2, 2017 by permanentred


Thanks to the London South Bank Occupational Therapy Student Society for this great report on OTweek events there! Please email us at RCOT.London@RCOT.co.uk if you would like to share your OTweek activities.

In keeping with this year’s theme of ‘I am an Occupational Therapist’, the LSBU Occupational Therapy Society donned their bottle greens to take over the Students Union at London South Bank University! Led by trusty mascot OThello, an action-packed stall in the Students Union served as the centre of operations for all things occupational therapy at LSBU!

With a range of adaptive equipment and assessments on hand, visitors were offered an insight into some of the ‘tools of our trade’, providing lots of interesting discussion. A wheelchair was also on hand to offer an insight into the challenges that the environment can present to the activities many of us take for granted.

A particular highlight of this year’s event were the ‘activity stations’, which facilitated lots of discussion about meaningful activities and the unique role of occupational therapists in helping people achieve their individual goals!

LSBU OT Society - OT Week 2017

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