The Big COT Pub Quiz

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September 17, 2016 by permanentred

Thanks to Fiona Flicker and Vimbai Mukori for organising the event, also to Fiona for the write-up!


On a sweltering September evening the COT London Region hosted a pub quiz, packing out the upstairs of The Camel and Artichoke pub in Waterloo! This sold-out event saw 40 COT members attend from all different specialities including paediatrics, mental health, community healthcare, as well as OT lecturers and students. A few people arrived with ready-made teams but the majority attended on their own and were placed into teams on the night. This proved a great way to socialize with other OTs working within London, whilst debating answers over the free wine and sharing platters provided courtesy of COT.

img_0804There were 8 rounds including general knowledge; food and drink; sports; true or false; and a very difficult picture round! The music round, where everybody had to guess the next line to classic pop songs, turned into a bit of a karaoke competition between teams! I think we all learnt a great deal on the night too – for example, did you know humans share 50% of their DNA with bananas; or that Olympians Sir Steve Redgrave, Mo Farah, Jason Kenny and Sir Chris Hoy all share the same birthday?!? And towards the end of the quiz, for those teams that were in need of a few extra points, there was a chance to win points for telling the best joke. Despite a valiant effort by the OT lecturers; who made up an OT-based joke on the night; the most laughs went to a joke about a construction site (it was funnier than it sounds!)14371761_10154995878596754_1322381849_n

Many people also stayed behind for a few drinks once the quiz had finished; celebrating with the winning team, commiserating with the losing teams and generally getting to know their London-based OT colleagues.

We currently have vacancies on the COT London region committee. If you are interested in finding out more and getting involved you are very welcome to join us – please contact


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