6th May “Power in Therapeutic Relationships” CPD Event

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April 20, 2016 by permanentred

Our friends in “OTs in London” have arranged another free CPD event on the 6th of May which looks really interesting. Please inform them at otsinlondon@gmail.com if you want to book a free place, and please direct any queries to the same email address.

Power in Therapeutic Relationships CPD Event

Date: Fri 6 May at 19:00
Venue: Sugarman OT offices, 6th Floor, 10 Fenchurch Street, EC3M 3BE

Join us for another free OTs in London CPD event. This time, Kee Hean Lim (from Brunel University) will be speaking with us about Power in Therapeutic Relationships.

“The term power engenders mixed emotions in all of us. Power is often viewed as an imposing influence and associated with behaviours such as intimidation, control and dominance. Within organisations those in power seem to decide and impose their will on others and this creates even greater inequalities. Within the scope of therapeutic relationship, power exist between health professionals, carers, service users. The influence of power can sometimes be more covert than overt and dictates the type of therapeutic relationship that exist between individuals. The focus of the talk will be to examine different types of power bases, understand the power processes that exist, ascertain the influence and impact of power, to explore how we can readdress the power imbalances in therapeutic relationships and to work towards a more equal and person centred approach to therapeutic care.”

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