Putting your work concerns on the national agenda

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February 17, 2016 by permanentred

Your three regional BAOT shop steward representatives attended today’s National BAOT/Unison Panel to give you a voice in Unison and COT’s national work.

The Panel is where the regional steward reps from all across the UK meet with national officers of COT and Unison. We gave feedback about what’s happening in the workplaces. The broad pattern of concerns were around 7-day working, downbanding and reorganisations. Problems in recruitment were highlighted as a problem in London, with one Trust reporting that they got no applications at all during a recent recruitment for band 5 rotational posts.

We discussed the proposed axing of the student bursaries and we agreed that the meeting would send a strong message of opposition to the plans to the next COT Council meeting. Unison is campaigning strongly to defend the bursaries.

We also started work on planning the BAOT/Unison session at this year’s COT conference and the schedule for our annual national stewards’ training seminar in November. Julia Skelton, COT’s Director of Professional Operations attended the meeting so that we could coordinate joint working across both sides of our organisation.

The steward from the Northern region talked of how they were dealing with an orthopaedic ward where PT and OT were doing the same role and being told to divide the ward between them and we agreed it was a good example of how the role of BAOT steward covers both professional and trade union issues.

We need a BAOT steward in every workplace to help recruit and represent members and to coordinate responses to challenges faced by members. Drop us an email at london.baot@gmail.com if you would like more information.


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