Regional Shop Stewards’ Forum dates for 2016


December 8, 2015 by permanentred

We’ve just been finalising the dates for next year’s regional shop steward forums. Are you a BAOT shop steward or interested in being one? BAOT stewards are the main workplace contact for both professional and trade union issues. We are volunteers who recruit members to BAOT and represent them with issues at work. Full support and training is available through our partners at Unison.

The stewards’ forums are for any shop steward or workplace contact in the London region. We meet, usually at Unison HQ, 09:30-12:30, and discuss what’s going on in OT workplaces across London, anything from downbanding to caseload weighting. There’s always a training session included too.

The regional steward reps take feedback from the forum to the National BAOT/Unison Panel meeting, where we can make sure that any issues that are coming up across the country find their way onto the national workplans for Unison or BAOT and can be properly responded to.

Give us a shout at if you’re interested in finding out more.

  • The dates are:
  • Wednesday 27 January
  • Wednesday 25th May
  • Monday 19 September

See you then!

One thought on “Regional Shop Stewards’ Forum dates for 2016

  1. permanentred says:

    Please note: The January date has been postponed to Monday 21 March. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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