Consultation: New Community Models of Care in London

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March 1, 2015 by permanentred

New Community Models of Care – NHS England ( London Region) online workshop – RELEVANT TO LONDON ONLY

NHS England London Region have been in touch about an important piece of work they are doing where they wish to engage as many AHPS as possible.

Here are the details of the consultation. Please have your say and distribute to other London OTs. The first feedback is needed by 5th March.

Dear Colleagues

Please find following details of an opportunity to get your voice heard about new models of care from the NHS England ‘Five Year Forward View’

Do you work on the frontline or lead the delivery or commissioning of London’s Community services? From the 26th February, you’re invited you to have your say on one of the new models of care that have come out of the ‘Five Year Forward View’.

The five year forward view sets out ambitions for the NHS for the next 5 years, including models of care to be implemented across health services. These models will impact on the way community services are commissioned and provided. For this project, Caroline Alexander, Chief Nurse London region and her team at NHS England London region are working with the London office of Clinical Commissioning Groups to explore the multi-specialty community provider (MCP) model, as outlined in the ‘Five Year Forward View.’

MCPs are organisations which will join up primary and community care and which will “expand the leadership of primary care to include nursing, therapists and other community based professionals”

What we want to know is what “good” MCPs should look and feel like. What does staff in the community think are important to be included in these organisations and what are your concerns? We are keen to hear the voice of frontline staff and commissioners and would like you to share your views on how the “Declaration of the Foundations of Community Services” can be applied to the Multi-specialty community provider model. Suzanne Rastrick, Chief Allied Health Professions Officer, NHS England is supporting this work and is keen to ensure AHPs are engaged. GPs in London are currently developing their thinking on what this should look like – don’t miss out on this unique opportunity as an AHP to influence these developments!

The online workshop launches on Thursday 26th February – when all those involved in London’s community services will be invited, to join the conversation. Please get involved and if you know anyone who should be involved – please send them this link: – here you can sign up in advance of the launch on Thursday 26th February. The first feedback will be to GPs on the 5th March, so please feedback as soon as you can.

Please share this on your staff bulletins, at staff meetings, and forward the link on to your colleagues.

We hope that by opening up the discussion on the future implications of the multi-specialty provider model we will be able to come up with some key insights into what the most important factors are to consider in the model’s development.
Don’t miss out on this chance to have your voice heard!

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