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January 13, 2015 by permanentred

The BAOT London Regional Committee has the following vacancies, each just waiting for the unique blend of skills and enthusiasm you can bring to the role!

  • Chair: You are the big cheese. You arrange the meetings, tell all the others to stop dithering and make up their minds, and just generally be the head honcho but in a democratic and enabling kind of way.
  • Regional Communications Lead: your job is to be the communication link between the committee and the members, running the blog, twitter and facebook accounts and encouraging the others to write clever and concise things about what they do. Maybe even an e-newsletter!
  • Careers Promotions Lead: your job is to enlighten young minds with tales of the awesomeness of OT, and lure them away from careers in banking and arms trading.
  • Membership Networks Lead: your job is to link up all the vibrant diversity of the region, encouraging local groups and connecting the work of the specialist sections with the region as a whole.

Each post runs for three years, during which time you will be paid the princely sum of nothing (well, there are reasonable expenses), but will be rewarded with the glow of knowing that you have helped shape the future of OT in London. We meet up every couple of months after work to decide what to do next.

The Committee has a budget for arranging educational and social events, supporting members and for generally promoting OT across the region. Join us! Just use the contact form below. This will look amazing on your CV!

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