Saving Resources, Improving Health – Sustainable Occupational Therapy in Practice – 21/11/14

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October 22, 2014 by permanentred

Here’s a new event at COT for members interested in environmental sustainability. As we all should be!

Saving Resources, Improving Health – Sustainable Occupational Therapy in Practice

21st November, 10.30-3.30pm, COT HQ, 106-114 Borough High Street,  London SE1 1LB

Free to BAOT members

Following the release of the WFOT position statement on environmental sustainability, the COT briefing paper on sustainable development and this year’s Sustainable Development Unit Strategy for the NHS, Public Health and Social Care system, COT is pleased to be running an event exploring how OTs can incorporate sustainability into daily practice.

Climate change is the biggest global health threat this century.  The UK Climate Bill requires an 80% reduction in carbon emissions by 2050 and it is essential that the health and social care system matches national targets with the NHS alone being one of the largest carbon emitters in Europe.

Sustainable healthcare will save money and improve social outcomes by harnessing economic, social and environmental approaches.   OTs have a key role to play in this agenda and already use sustainable models of care.  OT practice can be realigned with global issues to promote sustainable, health enhancing occupations for individuals, families and communities.

Confirmed speakers include Sonia Roschnik (Operational Director, Sustainable Development Unit), Rachel Stancliffe (Director, Centre for Sustainable Healthcare), Linda Hindle (AHP Lead, Public Health England), Daniel Maughan (Sustainability Fellow, Royal College of Psychiatry), Ben Whittaker (OT Programme Lead, Centre for Sustainable Healthcare) and Genevieve Smyth (Professional Advisor, COT).

To book your place please email with your BAOT number letting us know what practice setting you work in. Please note that although refreshments such as tea and coffee will be served you will need to provide your own lunch. There are many shops within easy walk of COT where you can buy food.

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