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September 30, 2014 by permanentred

Call for interest in filling BAOT/COT English Country Board Industrial Relations Seat

The British Association / College of Occupational Therapists English Board is looking to co-opt a UNISON OT Steward to fill the Industrial Relations seat on the Board.

This is a key opportunity for an OT Steward in practice in England to influence the profession and help provide strategic leadership on matters related to policy, practice and membership. The role of the UNISON representative is vital to ensure good links between BAOT / UNISON and to bring the trade union perspective to discussions.

The outgoing UNISON representative, Joanne Taylor has enjoyed her time on the board. She says that the board was ‘such an interesting and dynamic meeting. I shall miss attending’. Joanne is happy to talk about her experience on the board to anyone interested in applying – we can put you in touch with her.

The Board consists of eight members who represent all areas of practice and aim to maintain an occupational therapy focus in the implementation of key policy areas such as vocational rehabilitation, social care policy, public health, personalisation and commissioning. Board members are expected to contribute actively to debate and inform College developments.

Board membership is a great CPD opportunity and can be used as evidence for re-registration with the HCPC as well as contributing to the future direction of occupational therapy. The Board meets three times a year at COT in London. Travel expenses are reimbursed and the term of office is for three years but is negotiable.

The English Board’s next meeting is on 20 October. If you are interested in taking up this opportunity, please contact Sharan Bandesha or use the contact form below for further information by no later than 10 October.


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